Associate Services – HR, IT, Marketing, Health and Safety

As a business grows and evolves there is increasing demand placed on Directors to cover a number of important activities such as HR, IT, Marketing and other important, but often less exciting areas of business.  As a result they may absorb a disproportionate amount of time and cash and be less effective than if an expert was called upon to assist.

Where a need is recognised, we can call upon the support of a number of trusted, high calibre business associates in various areas of business to provide the necessary support and expertise.


Cost effective and pro-active HR expertise to keep you one step ahead of employment law and encourage a productive working environment. Support, legal advice, change management and routine “health checks”.

Whether you’re looking for an HR solution that provides you with help at a strategic level and to ensure you have up to date policies and procedures that are robust or for some hands on assistance with day to day HR tasks, give Conatus a call and Sara or one of the team will be happy to help.


Supply, installation and support of business IT systems tailored to meet the needs of your business.  Our associate for IT and telephony services is Zen systems, a local family firm who have a track record of providing simple and effective solutions.  They keep up with the latest strategies and can help devise the right solution as well as then effecting the implementation of that solution.


A comprehensive range of strategic marketing services, including website design, branding, graphic design, social media and more.  As with HR, we work with the people we have found to be the best with consistent delivery of results but in a practical and cost effective way.  Our marketing associate, Steve Curzon has a fantastic history and he as helped a number of companies to achieve their goals on both a local and national level.

Health and Safety

Our health and safety associate, Andrew Peck, we can establish your companies H&S needs and requirements to help you avoid unnecessary problems.  Avoidable problems and accidents can cost a business money and time and could ultimate have dire consequences to the business and the Directors.  Andrew is an expert at helping you to adhere to requirements without getting caught up in the detail.

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