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Bank relationship supportPro-active bank relationship support

Most businesses simply “grow up” with the same bank, without developing a working relationship and with no formal process for reviewing their banking partners. This is far from ideal and can create problems further down the line.

When businesses in this situation turn to their bank for support, for reasons such as changes to their credit facilities, new finance solutions and/or business loans, they are sometimes surprised and disappointed in the response. A bank that shows a lack of willingness to provide solutions that meet their needs may not be the right bank.  Equally, we often find there is an unidentified communication issue that is easy and fast for us to resolve.

Helping you to build a positive relationship with your bank

It can take years for a business to build a positive and beneficial working relationship with a bank, and this is a key area in which Conatus Financing Solutions Ltd can add value to your business. Our many years of experience working within the banking sector make us perfectly placed to work with and advise businesses on how to choose and get the best from their banking partners.

“A great banking relationship can have a positive impact a business”

“If the bank says no…”

Ineffective banking relationships can be a disruptive influence on day-to-day business life and compromise the growth and stability of an organisation. If your bank is not being accommodating then we have the experience to help you find out why, rectify the warningsituation, present the right information in the right way and build the level of confidence the bank has in you. Alternatively, we may simply provide clarity and explain why they said “no”, and look at other viable solutions that will help you achieve your business goals.

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