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“Conatus is a proactive team that instils confidence.  Their specialist knowledge of the Banking industry and strong business acumen were invaluable as they provided a professional steer through our negotiations with banking providers on our facilities, including the security required, covenants and pricing.”

Property development and investment can be complex processes that, although potentially lucrative, also carry a high degree of risk and potentially unforeseen events.  As a result, finding the right lender to provide finance for property development projects can be a challenge, even for those with experience in the business.

This is where Conatus Associates and our property expert, Simon Purdom, can be of considerable value to the property developer or investor.  We can help you to create a clear and robust business proposal for the project that is tailored to provide the information that investors and stakeholders will want to see.

Our considerable experience in the world of finance and banking means we can identify the best and most suitable partners to provide finance for the proposed property development project or investment.  We are very proud of the support given to our property clients with many having worked with members of the team to grow their portfolios from one single residential property to mixed portfolios in excess of 100 properties or more.

We can also provide valuable support in person during presentations and negotiations, helping to structure the best deal for both client and lender alike, improving the chances of obtaining both secure and competitive funding thus enabling our clients to reach their objectives for both the short and long term.

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