General Business Support

fd_circleYou might not have gone into business to deal with bureaucracy, red tape and the general chores involved in running a company, but we did. Across the Conatus team we have highly skilled individuals and teams with expertise and the desire to undertake all of those areas of business most people hate.

We can also help with the more interesting situations such as growth and exit strategies, marketing and PR and events.

Removing Obstacles

Most people in business have a Vision of where they want to take their business and what they want to achieve. However, the best laid plans can stall and fail to move forward at all, or at a much slower pace than anticipated. We help you to move forward again through identification of those obstacles.

Corporate Governance

Do you and your senior management team hold formal board meetings? Are you fully aware of your responsibilities as Directors to the shareholders, staff and stakeholders? Are you sure you have covered all regulatory requirements for a limited company?

If you can’t instantly answer yes to any of the above, you’re not alone. Almost every client of Conatus utilises our services to ensure they are adequately covering their corporate responsibilities. With team members who have expertise in HR, Health and Safety, Insurance, as well as Company House requirements, we can clear up any ambiguity on what should be undertaken by a limited company and help the senior management team ensure they are working in a responsible fashion to both become fully compliant. We also help them to become highly effective businesses with their staff, stakeholders and shareholders all able to see them for what they are, a truly professional and conscientious business.

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