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Kevin Ward’s May 2019 Article in Suffolk and Norfolk Director Magazines – Retaining Entrepreneurial Spirit through Uncertain Times

People talk a lot about being enterprising or entrepreneurial, but what does that really mean when you’re in business? Is it simply someone who shows some initiative by taking a risk setting up, investing in and running a business. Or is it tied more closely to resilience and using your confidence, positivity and leadership skills      Continue Reading »

What’s the Bankers View?

There’s been a lot happening in the economy of late and we are increasingly hearing positive news. This is great and I thoroughly approve of being positive and looking at the glass being half full. However, there are some realities in life and while there is a lot of fantastic business going on, in the      Continue Reading »

Bank Charges

Nobody likes to pay money out if they can help it. It’s often against our nature and if you don’t feel you’re getting any value for the money you have spent, you will obviously feel aggrieved. Bank Fees are a particularly challenging subject with banks having to be ‘bailed out’ by the tax payer and      Continue Reading »

Are you the next Victim of Online Bank Fraud?

Online Banking fraud is increasing dramatically and with more people falling victim every day, what can you do to protect your business. First, speak to your bank manager, read the literature they give you and listen. The banks have a vested interest in helping you avoid bank fraud as they so often end up rembursing      Continue Reading »

Banks – How can you get certainty of support from your Bank?

Banks are always a hot topic, do they help business owners or hinder them? Do they offer good service levels? Do they care? It’s tough to answer the above because there are good and bad people within each of the banks and they are all working to different agendas as individuals and as corporate entities      Continue Reading »

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