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Outsourced bookkeeping services

Outsourced bookkeeping services that will benefit your business by reducing costs, saving time, improving cash flow and making management information more readily available and easy to understand for all levels of financial ability and interest.

Conatus Bookkeeping Ltd provides a flexible and fully scalable service tailored to the needs of each individual business. We can do as little or as much you as like. Our fully trained, qualified and experienced team will take routine and administrative tasks off your hands, leaving you free to devote energy and resources to operational and strategic management.

Our services include:

  • Clear and Simple Monthly Management Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Chasing late payments
  • Purchase and sales ledger
  • Stock record maintenance
  • Expenses
  • VAT returns
  • Corporation tax
  • Companies House Annual returns
  • Bank reconciliation

“An experienced team that takes the time to understand a business, giving clarity and support to businesses and helping them with their bookkeeping, banking and other financial needs.”

Why outsource your bookkeeping?

Successful businesses tend to be led by people with drive, enthusiasm, technical skills and/or exceptional people skills. Most lack the accounting expertise or efficiently manage the bookkeeping aspects of a growing business. For many businesses the ideal solution is partial or total financial outsourcing – it is a lower cost alternative to employing full-time accounts staff and there are no staff management, employee liability, holiday cover and sick pay issues either.

Total financial outsourcing

We can even offer a complete package where we effectively run the financial side of a business on a day-to-day basis, taking and implementing business decisions and managing your cash flow on a day to day basis. You are kept fully informed of progress at all times, and simple, comprehensive financial management reports are made available as required.

Transparent Accounting Systems – Making the most of the Cloud!

We can accommodate a variety of accounting software packages, such as QuickBooks online, Xero, Sage online, Accounts portal and Kashflow and have experience in data migration. Should you choose to use QuickBooks, we can offer discounted rates due to our Pro-Adviser status.

The real benefit to the systems we prefer to use is that they are all Cloud based and easily accessible for a variety of users and at various locations. If you want to see an updated creditor list while you’re away on business in China, you can login and access it instantly. When your accountant needs the books to produce the statutory accounts, they can just login and access the required information. They work in real time and can also prove very cost effective.

VAT and Tax Planning

We will work on your behalf or in support of your internal team to assist with VAT returns and payments as well as other tax requirements.

For complex or specialist matters we have specialist advisers we work with on a regular basis to support our clients and aim to source you the best advice possible for your situation.

Effective tax planning is vitally important but it’s also incredibly important to reflect on any tax planning you intend to put into practice to ensure it’s the best decision for your business in the commercial environment you are working in. We will always look to work with you and your advisers to ensure that the tax saving you could make doesn’t cost the business more money as a consequence or mean you miss an opportunity.

This ties in heavily with our Director services through Conatus Associates and is particularly relevant and important if you’re planning on any growth or potential exit strategy for your business.


Payroll is a chore, but an important one. With tax requirements through PAYE and the potential impact of benefits in kind and pensions now, Payroll must be done correctly. We utilise the latest systems, either working with your accounts system or ideally through it, to handle our client’s payroll. The fees for this service are simple and we just charge a small fee per employee on the payroll.

Regulatory Requirements

Regulations and mandatory requirements change all the time. Through our work with various professionals and the Conatus team, we will often hear about new regulations at an early stage. Where it falls within our remit we will take ownership of helping our clients deal with the matter. However, we also like to do our best to let our clients know about key changes that could affect them and we will post any relevant information on our website and social media and if we’re concerned a client needs to know about something, we will contact them direct with the information.

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