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Strategic planning

Conatus Associates provides senior level business advice on a day-to-day basis, working with business owners and company directors to develop strategic financial plans that support and are in synergy with business strategy.

targetFrom simple advice and guidance to the development and implementation of new growth strategies, overseeing acquisitions or restructuring, we make high calibre business and finance expertise available when you need it.

Although we come primarily from a financial direction, we help senior level teams to step back and take an holistic view of their business and the market place in which in operates. This freedom from day-to-day constraints enables a more tactical evaluation of the business and supports the development of new ideas and strategies.

Strategy implementation

Generating ideas is one thing, but what separates the successful from the hopeful is the ability to turn ideas into a clear business plan and putting it into action. We help with this too, taking a hands-on approach when required, which may include tasks such as:

Financial planning, budgeting and business plans

pound_bubbleBudgeting and planning is a critical part of virtually any business. We use our years of experience to help you to prepare realistic budgets and business plans, based on sound business assumptions.

Growth and Exit Strategies

Sometimes you know you’re in it for the long haul and want to grow your business, you’re just not entirely clear on how. Equally, you may have decided it’s time to do something new and different, it may be time to retire or it could be time to pass the business on to family or your management team.

graphAs part of our strategic support service we will work with the senior management team of a client to assist them in identifying both personal and business goals and visions to enable the company strategic direction to reflect these aims and objectives.

We will support you through difficult decisions with challenge where appropriate and assistance with actions as required to all the agreed strategy to move forward. Our extensive network of professional contacts and associates have the skills to support you in every area and we’ve helped clients through organic or acqusitional growth phases as well as providing assistance to clients who have been looking to exit their business.

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