Conatus gives your business financial certainty.

Conatus is team of experienced and talented business professionals who work with clients to provide practical solutions to the challenges they face in business.  Some of the areas we can help with are business funding, board level support and outsourced financial services such as simple bookkeeping, part of full outsourced internal accounts functions and budget and management information reporting that work for you and your funders and stakeholders.

Call us now on 01473 851587 or email us. We will be pleased to discuss and review your business challenges and goals and follow up with a summary health report.

certaintyBusiness Certainty

Our aim is to replace doubt and financial uncertainty in the minds of business owners and company directors and replace it with Business Certainty.

Business Certainty empowers you to make clear decisions from a position of knowledge. You know what freedom you have to expand the business, plan for an acquisition, recruit new staff, or what steps you need to take to put your business in that position.

Business certainty gives business leaders peace of mind and the feeling of solid ground beneath their feet. It puts the pleasure back into running a business as you focus on what you enjoy most and spend less time concerning yourself with banking relationships, credit, funding and cash flow.

“You didn’t go into business to worry about regulations, finance and bureaucracy… but we did!”

Take a step towards Buscropped-00-cfm-complete-logo-words-strapline-rh2iness Certainty. Call us now on 01473 851587 or email us

Conatus Financing Solutions Ltd also has the trading name CrowdFundMe2, for specialist crowd funding solutions.